CBAI Lady Milne Trials – 28th to 30th September 2018

14 of our top women’s pairs have entered for this weekends trials to select two teams to represent us in the Lady Milne International Champions next April.  Being the host country, Ireland gets to select two teams of 3 pairs in each – one to represent Ireland and the other to represent CBAI.  This weekends trials will qualify the top 8 pairs to form a squad.  In time these 8 pairs will be divided into two teams of 3 pairs and one reserve pair for each team.

So the ladies  just need to score 130 VP in any manner to qualify.  They can do this the easy way by scoring 10 VP in each of their 13 matches or they can do it the hard way by losing their first 12 matches 9-11 and then scoring a maximum 20 in their last match.  The choice is theirs.  The 14 pairs entered are:

1.   Jeannie Fitzgerald & Frances Kelly           8.   Liz Taaffe & Bernie Lodewijks
2.   Antoinette McGee & Aoife MacHale         9.    Ann O’Connell & Valerie Burke-Moran
3.   Gilda Pender & Hilary McDonagh            10.   Cathy Bearpark & LizAnn O’Reilly
4.   Louise Mitchell & Maureen Pattinson      11.   Emer Joyce & Kathleen Vaughan
5.   Teresa Rigney & Joan Kenny                      12.   Dolores Gilliland & Lucy Phelan
6.   Brid Kirby & Marian Croke                         13.   Jean Kelly & Betty Cotter
7.   Brid Kemple & Siobhan Part                       14.   Maria Whelan & Eileen O’Donovan


CBAI Lady Milne Pair Schedule 2018