Acol-Phoenix Summer Dinner – Wednesday 27th June 2018

A big thank you to the organisers of last night’s wonderful evening especially Mary Lyons, Gladys Sheridan, Eva Giblin and Mairead.  A big thanks also to the management and staff of Sligo Southern Hotel.  Game Resumes on Wednesday 5th September

Major Prizewinners during the 2017-2018 Season

Section A

Results, Hand Records and Personal Records


Section B

Results, Hand Records and Personal Records


Results, Hand Records and Personal Records – Sections A and B Combined


Section C

1st  Sandie McCanny and Breda Roche

2nd  Iggy Hegarty and Joe Henry

3rd  Teresa Devins and Maura Healy



Ireland qualify for Bridge World Cup

Our Irish Senior team of Nick FitzGibbon, Adam Mesbur, Micheal O’Briain, Padraig O’Briain, Ranald Milne and B.J. O’Brien (NPC Derek O’Gorman) have finished in fourth place in the European Championships in Ostend and in so doing have qualified for the D’Orsi Cup to be held  in China in 2019.  This is an outstanding achievement and we are all proud of their success.  Well done to all.  The top three places went to France, Sweden and Poland.